Welcome to, an emergence of art, out of my programming adventures.

Flowering is about the proliferation of new forms through the imbalance between symmetry & asymmetry.

Dichotomy is about the uncertainty between background & foreground, black & white, ying & yang, and what lives in between. The shimmering of an image just loading, the void is always hiding behind veils of meaning, objects, and the known.

Interference was made while experimenting with GLSL shaders in a three.js context.

Energy visualises gravitational attraction & the dances that emerge from these mathematical models.

Massless is a slowly changing animation of a mesh of orbs which repel and attract eachother at varying distances, with interesting effects emerging.

Wavey shows the conflict between chaos and order, as patterns emerge from overlapping waves of dancing sprites.

Paintgun is an interactive canvas where you can paint the ground with colours. on Facebook is where you can find more of my art. It has videos and stills of my artwork.